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Pups and Paws

Let us take the lead

This is our pal Teal. He's the star of our home page and both of the pictures here are taken up in the beautiful Braid hills. Teal is a loopy Lab and loves catching balls nearly as much as we love throwing them for him.


Walking on the Braid Hills
Teal on the Braid Hills
View from Blackford Hill
Polly on Blackford Hill

Above is Polly, who loves to chase leaves, and Gruber, below, who adores splashing around in water. The photo above was taken from the upper slopes of Holyrood Park, showing an amazing view over the Forth. The picture below was snapped while walking in the fabulous Dalkeith Country Park.

Gruber at the reservoir
Dalkeith Country Park

Isla, is a gorgeous, cream Lab puppy, who is so full of fun! Cas, Duke and Murray  just love going on adventures together.

Lots more of the lovely, wonderful dogs who enjoy walks and visits with Pups and Paws!

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